Establishment of Children’s Hospitals

Establishment of Children’s Hospitals

NXC has visited pediatric wards since 2005 and has taken the future and well-being of children with disabilities in Korea seriously. In June 2013, in conjunction with Nexon Korea and Neople, NXC agreed to actively support Purme Foundation’s construction of the first rehabilitation hospital for children in Korea. On December 23rd of the following year, NEXON pledged to donate a total of 20 billion KRW(US$19M), half of 44 billion KRW(US$42M) that was required for stable construction and the initial operation of the hospital. To honor NEXON’s contribution, Purme Foundation officially vouched for the hospital's name to ‘Purme Foundation NEXON Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital’ and held its groundbreaking ceremony on March 26th, 2014. With a total floor area of 18,557.73㎡ (seven floors above ground, three underground floors, 91 hospital beds, and 40 day beds), the Purme Foundation NEXON Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital opened in Seoul on April 28th, 2016. Even after its opening, NXC and the Nexon Company have continued to provide various support activities for pediatric patients and their families.

Along with other NEXON companies, NXC pledged to contribute to a first ‘public’ children's rehabilitation hospital in Daejeon Chungnam province for future generations' prosperity and health.

Daejeon Chungnam Nexon Children's Rehabilitation Hospital(tentative name) is the first public children's rehabilitation hospital to be built in the western part of Daejeon Metropolitan City. It will be equipped with various facilities that can provide both education and treatment, including rehabilitation facilities as well as care classes and dispatched classes. In February 2019, the NEXON Company announced the donation of US$9M in support of a second children's rehabilitation hospital.

In October 2020, NXC, in conjunction with Nexon Korea and Neople, signed an agreement with Seoul National University Hospital to build the nation's first independent child palliative care center and announced to donate US$9M in its construction. The Nexon Children's Palliative Care Center at Seoul National University Hospital, which aims to open in 2022, is a facility that provides comprehensive medical and care services to pediatric patients who need 24-hour medical attention due to the level of severity, including families who can barely manage their ordinary lives of their own to protect their children.